100% Natuurlijk

Voorkant boek

With this book I want to show that all women are beautiful just the way they are. You don’t need any plastic surgery or a lot of make-up to be beautiful. All 100 women in this book had their picture taken without any make up or plastic surgery and it shows that everyone is different and, each in their own way, beautiful.

Many people are exposed daily to images of what the “ideal beauty” is. Especially women are consciously and subconsciously in many ways aware about this, which creates a low self-esteem. I say : stop this and love yourself. I hope to wake up people with this book so they see their own beauty again.

The women in the book have ages 14 up to 92 years. They are only in it with their picture because a photo often says enough. In the back of the book the ages and characteristics are mentioned and of what these women are most proud of.

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