As women are often being judged by their appearance, men are often judged by their status. For example a bank manager will be treated differently than a garbage collector. Unconsciously or onintentionally this happens on a large scale. Through my pictures I would like to make people more aware of this and break this taboo of superficiality.

KL 1.N PilootPilot 1.

KL 2.N PilootPilot 2.

KL 1.N BankdirecteurBanker 1.

KL 2.N BankdirecteurBanker 2.

KL 1.N VuilnismanGarbage Collector 1.

KL 2.N VuilnismanGarbage Collector 2.

KL 1.N TegelzetterTiler 1.

KL 2.N TegelzetterTiler 2.

KL 1.N BrandweermanFireman 1.

KL 2.N BrandweermanFireman 2.

KL 1.N GitaristGuitar Player 1.

KL 2.N GitaristGuitar Player 2.

KL 1.N ZeemanFisherman 1.

KL 2.N ZeemanFisherman 2.

KL 1.N Computer InsignieurComputer Engineer 1.

KL 2.N Computer InsignieurComputer Engineer 2.

KL 1.N HouthakkerWoodcutter 1.

KL 2.N HouthakkerWoodcutter 2.

KL 1.N DokterDocter 1.

KL 2.N DokterDocter 2.