We are all born with a pure mind, body and soul. Throughout the years of growing up we get influence how we should be or how we should look like. A lot of time’s we think we are not normal and our body is not the same as that of someone else. A lot of women get uncertain about there looks and body. They want to be skinny with big breasts and tall legs, because that is what they see on television, in magazine’s and social media. But that is not reality, because everybody is different.

The model that i photographed for untainted, is a beautiful young women in the prime of here life. At first look you would’t think that she has uncertainties about here body. But even she has parts of here body that she wish were differently. This project has given here more confidence of here body and she hope’s to inspire a lot more women young and old to love and embrace there body’s.

I think that being yourself is one of the most beautiful thinks. Embrace and love your body, everybody is different and that is the beauty of it. Be thankfull that you are healthy, strong and can do what you want every day.

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